Welcome to Liam Hennessy's clinic.

I am conveniently located in Glasnevin, Dublin, which is about 5 kilometres from Dublin's City Centre. I specialise in Amatsu, Neuromuscular / Physical Therapy and multi- disciplinary Massage Therapy.

Over the past fifteen years I have used a multi–disciplinary approach to treating clients, which has brought outstanding results. Whether you have hurt yourself at home, at work or at sport, I will help you recover faster and minimise your chance of re-injury. When you book a treatment at my clinic you can be sure that you will get the best personal attention

My approach brings Immediate Results including;

  • Improved Posture and Movement.
  • Relief of Strains, Sprains and Stiff Joints.
  • Relief of Tight Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments to facilitate a return to normal body function.
  • Improved Circulation
  • Release of Stress and Tension.
  • An Increase in Energy.
  • Decreased Anxiety Levels.
  • A Sense of Well – Being and Vitality.
  • Restoration of Structural Balance.
  • Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Function.

My aim is to Relieve Pain, Prevent Injuries, Increase Mobility and Flexibility and Promote Recovery. My clients are usually so Happy with their results that they refer me to Family and Friends!

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