About Liam Hennessy

Liam is a native of Dublin. He developed an interest in sport and particularly athletics from his teenage years, where he competed at middle distance track and cross-country for Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club in Santry, Dublin.

Liam also attended college in North Carolina, on an athletic scholarship and won U.S. national team honours at cross-country whilst there. He continues to remain active and enjoys running as often as possible, whilst complimenting with gym work and yoga to keep fit and healthy.

Over the past fifteen years, Liam has developed a very successful clinic. Qualifications, professionalism, on-going training and continuous professional development are the hallmarks of his clinic. He has worked with people from all backgrounds from elite athletes competing at European and World Championships to those suffering from difficult conditions and chronic pain. Liam has had clients visit from all over Ireland as well as from Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. He has improved the lives of children and adults of all ages.

The treatment protocol Liam uses to relieve pain and restore function is based heavily on the osteopathic philosophy that the body functions as an integrated unit. By evaluating and treating dysfunction within the musculoskeletal, myofascial and nervous systems, he can often alleviate ailments in clients, who otherwise couldn't be helped by conventional therapies. He uses an individuals' history combined with a physical examination to arrive at a plan to effectively treat. If necessary he may refer you to your GP for further tests ( X-ray / MRI ).

Scoliosis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, I.T band syndrome, Achilles tendinitis and many more sports, occupational and life stress related injuries are examples of the conditions he treats.

The majority of Liam's client's pain can be relieved through balancing their posture. This could be your case too!!

The success of Liam's clinic to date comes from satisfied clients who in turn refer their family and friends.

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