Caroline Masterson, Co.kildare.

My son Conor is 13 years of age and he plays soccer and GAA.

In September of 2011, I brought Conor to Liam Hennessy for treatment, as he had been playing football and suffered a hip injury following a collision with another boy during a match. After the treatment, Conor felt immediate relief and was delighted to play again over the next few days.

In June of 2012, I brought Conor to Liam again, as he had a soccer trial to enable him play in a national tournament. Conor needed treatment to a muscle strain if he was to have any chance of being picked to play and without hesitation I called Liam. Again, Conor made a rapid recovery and not only was he picked to play, but he performed very well in the tournament too!!

I have found Liam Hennessy to be most professional and his treatment has proved to be most effective. I have already referred members of my family to Liam.

Finally, I would like to wish Liam lots of success in the future.


David Rice

My son Conor, now aged 12, was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease by his doctor, at 10 years of age. This is a condition that affects the knee area and is becoming more common in active boys aged 10 -16 years of age. Research on the Internet showed me that football stars such as Lionel Messi from Barcelona and Paul Scholes from Manchester United both suffered this condition when they were younger. This alone gave us hope that we would eventually see an end to the condition and that kids will grow out of it.

In the meantime what do we do? My son was in pain and sometimes walking up or down stairs was too painful, yet he still wanted to be active play football, cycling, etc with his friends. The doctor recommended complete rest for six weeks with no activity at all. Although resting up was frustrating it did prove helpful. We also discovered that when we reintroduced activity such as football the pain returned. Talking to a family friend who had backache and swore that Liam Hennessy was the answer, we decided to give him a try.

Our first session with Liam Hennessy was over an hour long and although it was uncomfortable for Conor at the beginning we could see in his face that he was getting relief. By the end of the session we had a child who went from struggling with climbing stairs to one who was smiling and able to participate in full training sessions and play full matches with his team. Liam also showed us how to do exercises at home before and after training to reduce any further discomfort. Although Conor is not fully cured of this condition (he will grow out of it) with Liam's help it is now manageable. We have been back to Liam when big games are coming up to give Conor a bit of a lift and every time without fail this has been a great help. If anyone has a child suffering from Osgood-Schlatter disease I would suggest a session with Liam Hennessy would probably be some of the best money they could spend on their child.


Jim McKeever, New York City, USA

I have had several sports injuries over the years such as snapped hamstrings, torn ankle ligaments and serious back trouble, but have been lucky enough to have found Liam Hennessy. Liam has got me back playing competitive sport every time, when others would have maybe given up.

Not only does Liam Hennessy have a natural gift in helping others, but he also has a genuine interest in his client, passion to succeed and a constant thirst to learn and improve. When I fly home from New York, Liam's phone is the first number I call.


Martina O'Brien, Dublin

Having been to several consultants regarding persistent and debilitating pain with no conclusive results or diagnosis, Liam Hennessy was recommended to me by a friend.

I went to Liam as a last resort. After Liam's initial assessment, by following his dietary advice and having had six months of intensive massage therapy, I cannot believe the difference it has made. It has been hard but I am now back to normal activities, golf, exercise and a much greater sense of wellbeing. Liam Hennessy, without doubt, has "put me back together again"!


John, Dublin

I am a long distance runner and have been a client of Liam Hennessy, now for almost 3 years. Mostly, I attend Liam's practice for regular 'maintenance' treatments that have become a vital part of my training programmes during that time. I have no doubt that Liam's treatments have made a very important contribution in avoiding serious injury.

One of the outstanding features of Liam's treatments is the amount of time he gives for each treatment. Liam will work through any issue until he gets to the root of the problem and furthermore, he will not suggest return visits for further treatment unless they are absolutely necessary.

The treatment Liam provides is highly effective in either preventing an injury from becoming more acute or in helping with a more serious injury.


Tara O' Sullivan, Dublin

Liam Hennessy has helped me through various back issues over the years. Most recently he helped me after a tough twin pregnancy. Two discs were displaced and resting on a nerve. During the three weeks I waited for surgery, Liam helped me to stay mobile and also helped with the recovery afterwards.

Liam Hennessy is an incredible healer and practitioner and I have recommended him to numerous people, all with great results.


Marie Donnelly, Dublin

I broke my wrist in 2005 and received physiotherapy in the hospital, but I did not have the full use of my hand. Two people said to me 'you must go to a guy I know, he will fix that hand for you and give you back full use of it'. I thought if two people are recommending him he must be good. They were so right. Within a very short time it was not apparent that I had a broken wrist.

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia all of my life, but was only diagnosed in 90's. My doctor informed me that the only way forward was to do intensive exercise. I got myself a personal trainer. This was a very long and painful treatment and it took three hours to get through 30 minutes of exercise. It took too much of my time, but I was desperate to keep mobile.

After the wonderful job he did on my wrist I asked Liam if he could help me in any way with my Fibromyalgia. He had his work cut out for him because my body was as stiff as a board. He performed a weekly deep tissue massage on me over a period of six weeks and I achieved more mobility than I had had in a long time and it changed my life forever. I just could not live without his treatments. Now I only have to link in with him periodically for maintenance treatments.

Thank you so much Liam your hands are blessed.


Martin Treacy, Clonliffe Harriers, Dublin

At the start of my Masters Athletics Career, I was referred to Liam Hennessy to sort out an injury I incurred three weeks before the Dublin XC Championships. I finished third in the race in my first year and was hoping to go a place or two better. Liam had me back running within a week and assured me through positive mental thinking, I would at least perform to the previous year's level and true to form i was thrilled to repeat my third placing in the race two weeks later!

Since then I have engaged Liam to keep me fit and healthy and attend him for regular massage. Liam Hennessy has been a great therapist and motivator to me and has played a major part in the successes I have enjoyed at Masters level, culminating in my winning of four All- Ireland team gold medals for club and county with Clonliffe Harriers and Dublin.

I have referred numerous athletes to Liam over the years and all speak very highly of his professionalism and attention to detail and being an athlete himself he has a great empathy and understanding of the needs of his clients and is always reading up and training on the latest remedial methods.

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